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Siyapa Vs Fraserburgh

14 May 2019

Match 3, 11/3/2019

Siyapa vs Fraserburgh


Siyapa hosted Fraserburgh for their 3rd match of the season. The first one so far which actually seemed that will go ahead without any weather related troubles.

Fraserburgh team along with their own loyal supporters made their way to the Duthie Park in time, despite the best efforts of the Aberdeen city council that restricted traffic pretty much all around the park. Obviously missing some of their key players but otherwise brimming with young talent and energy that comes with that. G O’neill made the right call on the toss and decided to field, which soon proved to be correct considering the devils in the pitch. As R Duthie and L. Broadley opened the attack, Siyapa sent in Asif Yakub and Kamran Qaiser to hold the fort. The unpredicted bounce off the pitch made it difficult but batsmen played a waiting game, hitting only the safe balls to boundaries and blocking otherwise. Asif Yakub was the first to fall, getting bolwed by R. Duthie on 14 in the 9th over, getting replaced by ex-Captain Salman Bedaar. Kamran fell soon afterwards on the first over of P. O’Neil on 11, getting replaced by Shahram Memon. This proved to be the defining partnership of the game Salman scored a fifty (64) before falling LBW to P. O’Neil and Shahram falling just short on 40 falling to seasoned J. Jessiman. J. Jessiman pretty much steamed rolled through the middle of the Siyapa’s batting by having 2 consecutive double wicket overs. First getting Shahram and Abdul Rauf (0, LBW) in his 2nd over and then getting Bilal Usman (9, caught R. Duthie) and M. Shahid (4, Bowled) in his 3rd. In form Umer Ghafoor came at this point, and fresh from his 50 in the recent practice game against Fraserburgh, hit another quick 50 not out. On the other end L. Broadley finished off Asif yousuf (0, bolwed) and Tanweer Khan (4, bowled) but Naveed Ahmed supported Umar till the end hitting the only 6 of the game to reach 8 and taking the total to a formidable 243 for 9.

Getting to 244 at that pitch was never going to be easy, especially considering a number of missing key players for Fraserburgh. The young team did put their heart into it but at the end it was too high a task. Asif Yousuf got D. Munroe on 7, brilliantly caught by Salman Bedaar. This was quickly followed by A. Packer who defended well but then his hard hit was caught sharply by Salman. Naveed Ahmed got D. Traves in his usual way, getting him caught by Asif Yakub in slips. As Tanweer bolwed P O’neil, Shahid pretty much wrapped up the whole team on the other side, getting through 5 wickets in his 5 overs. A. Rennie and J. Jessiman offered some stiff resistance but as with batting, Umar finished this in style by getting J. Jessiman caught and bolwed on 6 leaving A. Rennie stranded on 14 N.O.

Siyapa now 3 out of 3…..