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Siyapa vs crescent 31/07

31 Jul 2021

Siyapa vs crescent 31/07. 
Siyapa hosted crescent at shedocksley upper. On a cloudy day and damp pitch Siyapa won the toss and elected to field. Dave and alix opened for crescent they started very carefully as they wanted to see of new ball. They stuck to their plan but in 6th over Naveed ul husnain took first breakthrough when he bowled Dave. This brought abrar to wicket who along with Alix  built up partnership and Siyapa fielders and keeper gave them chances to flourish by dropping some easy and sone relatively tough chances. Overall they took score to 88 in 22 bf over. Just to mention Tanweer Khan was the most unlucky bowler as about 3 chances were dropped of his bowling. At total score of 88 when Salic completed his fifty he was LBW to Umer while trying to play him across the line to his faster delivery. This opened a gate and Siyapa fancied their return in game but new batter Harry also had couple of straight forward drops in deep again Tanweer was the unlucky bowler, eventually at total score if 130 in 31st over he was LBW by Tanweer. Then they cut loose and started to smash all around to finish on high. For Siyapa Naveed and shahid grabbed two wickets each whereas Umer Tanweer and Asif took a wicket each pick of the bowler was Naveed UL hasnain for his 2/22. Whereas Tanweer finished with 1/33 although his figures could have been much better had chances on his bowling were accepted. Anyways crescent finished their innings at 200/7 in 40 overs with abrar their top scorer with 74 not out. 
Siyapa started with Tanweer and Naveed ul hasnain and looked good in initial couple of overs but once Naveed lost his wicket 
Siyapa batting had another of its usual collapse. I don’t think there is any need of writing about individual scores to name or Shame anyone but you can imagine condition of batting when highest score for them was 16 by two players ( Tanweer and Amir). Siyapa got out on 90 runs and got only 11 points today. 
They are in serious danger of relegation. Everyone needs to give 100% effort and some  how win couple of games out of next 5 matches to stay in grade1. 
Man of the day was Tanweer Khan for his so much enthusiasm in field and nice measured bowling. He gave his full heart in batting too but many of us let him down. 
Anyways I think we all need to reflect on our performance and improve individually and collectively and try to win next games. 
I finish by sharing  Amir Siddiq’s quote “ our batsmen and as a team we just need to click then we can beat any team”