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Game 13, 2021 Siyapa vs AGSFPs (Aberdeen Grammar)

14 Aug 2021

Game 13, 2021
Siyapa vs AGSFPs (Aberdeen Grammar) 
14th August 2021

Injured and battered!!
The story of this game started much before the first ball was bowled. One of Siyapa’s strike bowlers (Naveed) turned up barely able to move. This added on the list of injuries other players were nursing with two of the main batsmen (Khurram Qadeer and Umer Ghafoor) struggling to bend down or run and another few struggling with throwing it’s a refelection on their keenness that they fielded 11 players – if you can count them as whole. But this was painful to watch at most times.
The day began with a win – that of a toss. Grammar’s captain Rob Swiergon called it wrong and Asif Yousuf decided to field first, while his players could still stand! Sultan and Asif began the attack as Alex Keith and G .Morrison started the proceedings for Grammar. The run rate was low but Grammar gave not many chances. Sultan almost gave a recap of his brilliant caught & bowled against Crescent but couldn’t keep hold of the catch this time. The partnership kept growing with Gramar reaching half century after 10 overs without losing any wicket. Bringing of Tanweer and Shahid gave some break throughs as Tanweer got Alex out on 38 followed by a 2 wicket burst of Shahid, as he got both G. Morrison on 15 and H. Penman for a duck. Grammar’s captain Rob, one of the most prolific run scorers of the league then joined the crease with M Nattrass who brought in a long partnership that carried upto 32 over when another 2 wicket burst, this time by Amir got both of them out  as Rob was bowled on 53 and M Nattrass was caught by Naveed 43 using the only working limb in his body ! With wickets in hand Grammar started throwing the kitchen sink on the balls with some exceptional hitting by K Anand who made a quick fire 32 before Siyapa ent in their own hurricane (Shahid) Grammar’s way. He bowled out K Anand, following up with another 2 wickets, getting 5 wickets in the process. But the depth of Grammar’s fire power is reflected in that even after this flurry of wickets the next man in managed to hit a 6 on the only ball he faced.

Siyapa were given a daunting 260 to chase, that felt more challenging given the player’s injuries but the instructions from the captain to just score as much as possible and get the maximum points. The opening pair of Bilal and Khurram started carefully but Khurram kept hitting some nice shots to keep the score ticking, despite being unable to take many singles. There is very little to say about Siyapa’s batting with Khurram managing the highest score of 43, with extras at 20 being the second highest score. Only other player who managed to reach the double figures was Umer who was left stranded on 16 in the the 36th over as all the players threw away their wickets.

Siyapa is standing precariously close to the relegation zone as it will enter the must win game next week against Cults and player injuries will make fielding a playing 11 difficult for the captain. If Siyapa is looking to retain its place in Grade 1 then they have somehow pull up their battered bodies and get through the next 3 weeks with some conviction.
Man of the match  for the day was M shahid for his fifer( first in grade1 by any siyapa man), who recently was awarded by MVP of season in T20 league by shell team. 
Overall a tough day for siyapa as lots of players were struggling in field but yet lots on stake to play for in next three weeks. It would be worth mentioning my Special thanks to Tanweer who fielded all day for two men (himself and Umer ) as umer could not run due to injury and naveed who showed immense commitment  to play full game with severe arm/ shoulder injury). Batsmen need more focus and perhaps a practise session where they just need to focus on ground strokes. 
All the best team siyapa for next week’s big match.