Siyapa Cricket Club

Siyapa Cricket Club - history

A few young oil and gas professionals in Aberdeen started Siyapa Cricket Club in March 2014 to participate in Aberdeen Evening Cricket League (AECL). The purpose was to enjoy the great sport of cricket and provide opportunity to stay fit and healthy for the cricket lovers who do not play in busy work routines.

The word Siyapa came from Punjabi language which means “Chaos”. Several names were discussed to choose from but due to the democratic nature of the about to form club, it ended up with the name which reflected its true nature. Till date, it maintains its democratic values but in a structured manner.

The values evolved within Siyapa are very much led by the founders of the club and all the club members feel proud of these values. Equal opportunity is one of the foundation this club is based on which means every player gets equal opportunity in the matches regardless of their skills and abilities. However, the players are highly encouraged to improve their skills to maintain the competitiveness of the matches.     

Usman Naseem was Siyapa’s first captain. On 6th May 2014, Siyapa played their first game against Bon Accord in AECL at the Links. Bon Accord scored 124/5 in 20 overs and Siyapa was all out for 107. Siyapa ended up 4th in the league of 9 teams in that season.

In 2015, Siyapa entered in the ACA (Aberdeen Cricket Association) weekend league and started from grade 4 as a new team. Abdullah Khan was Siyapa CC’s second overall captain and ACA weekend league’s first captain. On 2nd May 2015, Siyapa played its first game against 3rd AGSFP at Sheddocksley Upper Ground and scored 248/9 which is its highest total till date. Captain Abdullah Khan scored unbeaten 131 and Siyapa won its first game by 125 runs. Siyapa ended up 2nd at the end of the season and got promoted in grades 3. Abdullah Khan remained the highest scorer and Tanweer Khan was highest wicket taker for Siyapa in that season.

In 2016, Salman Bedaar was Siyapa CC’s third overall captain and ACA weekend league’s second captain. Siyapa finished 3rd at the end of the season. It was only when a team in grades 2 pulled out, Siyapa was automatically promoted to grades 2. Abdullah Khan and Salman Bedaar tied as the highest scorer and M Shahid was the leading wicket taker for Siyapa in the season.

In 2017, Salman Bedaar continued as a captain. Siyapa finished 3rd at the end of the season and missed the promotion for less than a fraction of winning percentage to Stoneywood Dyce Cricket Club. Shahram Memon was the leading run scorer and M Shahid was the highest wicket taker for Siyapa in the season.

Siyapa is 4 years old but it has attracted a decent number of players in 4 years’ time. Till date, 37 players had played at least one game for it.

If you want to play cricket in a fun, exciting and “chaotic” manner, please join us by contacting us from our website or Facebook page.